What Receiver Hitch Size for F450? (Guide 2024)

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Ford is a well-known automobile brand, and they have manufactured many popular pick-up trucks and F450 is one of them. It is famous due to its powerful, and top-notch towing capabilities. However, I have seen that the new owners of the F450 seem to be confused about the receiver size.

What Receiver Hitch Size for the F450? You can use the receiver size of 2.5 inches with the Ford 450, and you won’t face any issues of uneven weight distribution, etc. You must read the user manual before using the 2.5-inch receiver hatch size.

In my previous guides, I have discussed the F-250’s receiver size and explained everything in detail, You should also read that to get more insight.

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Overview of Hitch Receiver

I have already explained the hitch receiver in my previous guides. However, to give you a brief introduction, it is the small opening that you mount on the back of the vehicle. At this opening or receiver, you actually attach the hitch, and then tow your trailer.

When towing heavy loads with your Ford F450, choosing the right receiver hitch size is critical. If you choose the wrong receiver size, you will end up facing issues such as instability, and lack of control while driving.

You should also keep in mind that different receiver sizes are available in the market such as 1-1/4″, 2″, 2.5″ etc. However, each size is specific for a specific load that you tow with your vehicle. For smaller loads, you can use a smaller receiver size and vice versa.

Receiver Hitch SizeWeight CapacityCompatible Hitch ClassesDescription
1-1/4″Up to 2,000 lbsClass I and Class IIThe smallest size, found on smaller cars and SUVs
2″Up to 10,000 lbsClass III and Class IVThe most common size, found on most trucks and SUVs
2-1/2″Up to 20,000 lbsClass VLargest size, typically on heavy-duty trucks

It would be best if you also kept in mind that there are some hitch receivers that have an opening size of 3 or even 4 inches. But they are not used in daily towing routines. Instead, they are usually used when towing extreme loads.

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What Receiver Hitch Size for the F450?

If you are towing heavy loads with the latest model of F450 truck, then you can use the hitch receiver size of 2.5 inches. This size of receiver will allow you to attach the hitch comfortably, and tow the trailer comfortably. In fact, it will allow you to handle the weight that you tow with your vehicle.

It is interesting to note that some old models of F450 trucks allow you to use a 3-inch receiver size. In the table below, I am giving the models and recommended receiver sizes so that you don’t remain confused about different models of F-450.

Models of F450 TrucksRecommended Receiver Size
2018 Ford F4503-inch
2019 Ford F-4502-1/2 inch
2020 Ford F-4502-1/2 inch
2021 Ford F-4502-1/2 inch
2022 Ford F-4502-1/2 inch

I must say that the F-450 truck is suitable for heavy loads, and it needs the Class V hitch for towing. Apart from that, you must choose a hitch for your F450 that is compatible with your truck’s frame. It should also be designed to fit the F450’s receiver tube size, which is 2.5 inches.

What Happens if I Use 3 Inch Hitch Receiver Size with F450?

Well, using the wrong-sized receiver is always dangerous as it produces more uneven weight distribution. Due to mismanaged weight distribution, the driver finds it hard to control the truck, and the chances of accidents increase.

The F450 is designed to have a maximum hitch receiver size of 2.5 inches. Using a hitch receiver size larger than 2.5 inches can cause damage to the vehicle and create safety hazards.

  1. One of the main issues with using a 3-inch hitch receiver size with an F450 is that it can cause the hitch to become loose or detach from the vehicle. This issue is more common when you are towing heavy loads. 
  2. Not to forget that the F450 is capable of handling a certain amount of weight, and using a larger hitch receiver size can exceed the vehicle’s weight capacity. The more weight causes the suspension system to become damaged, which can lead to costly repairs. You should also keep in mind that the uneven weight distribution caused due to the usage of a 3-inch receiver can also cause damage to the suspension.

Using a 3-inch hitch receiver size with an F450 can also cause legal problems. In many states, it is illegal to use a hitch receiver size larger than what is recommended by the manufacturer. This can result in fines and other penalties.

Do I recommend using a 3-inch receiver size with F450? No, absolutely not! I always keep safety at utmost importance, and I don’t want to take any risks. Using the 3-inch receiver size is a bad idea, and I don’t recommend it at all.

What to do if I have a 3-inch Hitch Receiver Size?

Well, first thing first, if you have a 3-inch receiver size, don’t use it with your F-450 truck as it would cause more trouble than doing anything good. I don’t recommend that.

However, you can reduce its size from any mechanic cheaply. For example, if you 3-inch receiver size opening, then you can visit the mechanic, and ask him to reduce the opening size to 2.5 inches. He will take a few bucks, and do it for you. Once the opening size is reduced, then you can use that receiver size with F-450.

Keep in mind that if you reduce the size of the hitch receiver and it is under the warranty duration, then doing so will void the warranty. So, you should make the decision wisely. Moreover, I highly recommend you ask the original manufacturer to reduce the size of your hitch receiver professionally.


I hope that this detailed guide adds value. In the end, I would say that a 2.5-inch receive size is going to work fine with your F450. However, if you have an old truck of a 2018 model, then you can use a 3-inch receiver size. Before using any receiver size, I highly recommend you talk with the manufacturer and ask for their recommendations as well.

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