What is the RAM 2500 Hitch Receiver Size? Answered!

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Many of my friends own RAM 2500 trucks and everyone knows that these trucks are very powerful. However, many people don’t know the hitch receiver size of RAM 2500 trucks. If you are also one of them, don’t worry as I have got you covered.

So, what is the RAM 2500 Hitch Receiver size? Well, according to instructions of the manufacturer, and manual book, the hitch receiver size for RAM 2500 trucks is 2.5 inches. However, the hitch receiver size for different models of RAM 2500 varies. 

Keep in mind that some old models RAM 2500 trucks also have 2, and 2.5-inch hitch receiver sizes, however, the most common is 2.5 inches. In this guide, I will explain everything related to hitch receiver size to give you complete details.

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Basics of Hitch Receiver Size and RAM 2500 Trucks

Hitch receivers allow you to attach the trailer to the truck securely. This receiver has an opening to receive and secure various types of trailer hitches. The size of this opening is called the hitch receiver size.

As I have said earlier, the RAM 2500 is a kind of truck that is used to tow heavy loads. Thanks to their powerful, and capabilities. As you know these trucks are especially made for towing, so they come with a hitch receiver which is a very useful thing.

With the help of this hitch receiver, you connect the trailer or any other things that need to be towed with these RAM 2500 trucks. Keep in mind that this hitch receiver has a specific size which allows you a comfortable, and safe towing experience.

Versatility of Receiver Size in Different Models of RAM 2500 Truck

RAM 2500 trucks have been in the market for years, and companies launch new models every year. So, the RAM 2500 truck that was launched back in 2018, or 2019 can have different hitch receiver sizes. It is important to note that there are different types of hitch receiver sizes which are mentioned below.

  • 1-1/4 inches hitch receiver size
  • 2 inches hitch receiver size
  • 2-1/2 inches hitch receiver size
  • 3 inches hitch receiver size

But there is an interesting fact. All of these hitch receivers have different weight capacities. For example, the 1-1/4 has the lower weight towing capacity, whereas the 3-inch hitch receiver size has the highest weight towing capacity.

Still confused? Don’t worry dude! In the section below, I am going to give you their usability, and function that will further help you in understanding the hitch receiver size and its impact on the loading or towing capacity.

Receiver SizePurpose or Recommended Use
1-1/4 inchesSmaller trailers like pop-up campers and utility trailers.
2 inchesStandard size for most trailers.
2-1/2 inchesUsed for heavier trailers with higher weight capacities.
3 inchesFor extremely heavy trailers and specialized towing applications.

Look, when you increase the receiver size, the towing capacity also increases. So, if you aim to tow a very heavy load trailer, then you should go with a bigger-sized hitch receiver and vice versa.

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What’s the RAM 2500 Hitch Receiver Size?

As I said earlier, the most common size for the hitch receiver is 2.5 inches, but some models may have a 2-inch receiver size. Keep in mind that the receiver size of  RAM 2500 varies depending on the model and year. 

It is very important to note the exact receiver hitch size of your RAM 2500 truck. The reason is that each size is specific for towing a specific load. Suppose you use a 1-1/4 inches hitch receiver size, and tow very heavy-duty trailers, you won’t end up getting an issue as this hitch receiver won’t do the job perfectly.

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Keep in mind that the RAM 2500 is a heavy-duty pickup truck designed to tow large loads. So, it must have the right hitch receiver size capable of handling the weight of the trailer. There are three main classes of hitch receivers, and the RAM 2500 is equipped with one of them.

The hitch receiver size is determined by the weight of the trailer. The weight of the trailer is measured in pounds, and the hitch receiver size is denoted by a class number. The following table shows the different hitch receiver sizes and their corresponding class numbers:

If you consider the hitch receiver size from its loading or weight-bearing capacity, then they are divided into four classes. Each class of hitch receiver size has its own capacity. In the section below, I am giving you the table which shows the class types and weight capacity.

ClassReceiver SizeTotal Weight Capacity (lbs)
Class I1-1/4 inchUp to 2,000
Class II1-1/4 inchUp to 3,500
Class III2-inchUp to 8,000
Class IV2.5-inchUp to 10,000
Class V3 inchUp to 18,500-21,000

Keep in mind that the Ram 2500 comes with a Class IV hitch receiver having a size of 2 or 2.5 inches, which means it can tow up to 8000 to 12,000 lbs. This makes it a great choice for those who need to tow heavy loads, such as trailers or boats.

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Hitch Receiver Size of different Models of RAM 2500 Trucks 

As I have mentioned earlier, RAM 2500 trucks are not new – and the company launches their latest models every year. The interesting thing is that different models of RAM 2500 trucks have different hitch receiver sizes. In the section below, I am giving a table to show you the hitch receiver size with the model year.

Year Model of RAM 2500Hitch Receiver Size
20222.5 inches
20182 inches
20192.5 inches
20202.5 inches
2021Both 2, and 2.5 inches

The table shows that the most common hitch receiver size in RAM 2500 trucks is 2.5 inches. However, some old models also came with a receiver size of 2 inches and they had slightly lower towing capacity.


No doubt that RAM 2500 trucks are very powerful – however, knowing the exact hitch receiver size is also important. In this blog post, I have mentioned the hitch receiver size of different models of RAM 2500 trucks. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask: and I will be quick to respond.

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