What Size Receiver Hitch for F250? ANSWERED!

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Ford is a famous auto-manufacturing brand – and F250 is one of their heavy-duty truck which is very famous in the United States. People use this truck for towing and transportation of cargo. However, people don’t know the exact hitch receiver size for this truck. That is going to be answered.

So, what size receiver hitch for F250? Almost all the latest models (from 2017 to till date) come with a 3-inch hitch receiver size. However, the old models had a receiver size of 2 ½ inches. Keep in mind that if you have a 3-inch hitch receiver size, you can always reduce the size (opening) of the receiver hitch by using a sleeve.

Many F250 owners opt for a 3-inch receiver hitch. In this guide, I will go into the details, and give you in-depth insight that will help you understand the suitable receiver size. Let’s dive into it.

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What Class Hitch Does An F250 Have?

The F250 comes with a Class IV receiver hitch, which is rated to handle up to 10,000 pounds of towing capacity. However, if you aim to tow a very heavy-duty trailer, you can use cases V hitch as well. However, class IV is an ideal hitch class that is suitable for F-250.

If you don’t know much about the Class IV hitches, I highly recommend you to read our previous guide where I explained Class 4 hitches and compared them with Class 2 hitches.

Remember that class IV is the standard hitch that comes with this truck, and it is suitable for most towing applications. But, there is no strict rule: and you can use hitch of any other class such as V, etc depending upon your towing loads.

If you aim to tow a full-sized trailer whose weight is above the range of class 4 hitch, then you can use class 5 hitches which will allow you to tow the trailer having a weight range between 16000 pounds to 17000 pounds.

I believe that the class 4 hitch is ideal for the F250 as it can tow mid-range trailers or vehicles whose weight ranges between 8000 to 12000 pounds which can easily be handled by the class 4 hitches.

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What Size Receiver Hitch for F250?

Well, after some basics, we have come to our main point. So, are you looking to tow with an F250, you’ll need to know what size receiver hitch to use. In this section, I will talk about the ideal receiver hitch size.

The latest models (from 2017 to now) of F250 trucks come with a 3-inch receiver size or opening. But the previous models like 2013, 2015, etc used to come with 2.5 inches.

But if you have a receiver size of 3 inches, you can always have the option to reduce it to 2 or 2.5 inches. 

Confused HOW?

You can use the sleeve to lower the openings or size of the receiver. This is very helpful if you want to use a hitch with a smaller size. By using this sleeve or adapter, you’ll be able to attach a smaller-sized hitch to your F250 truck.

Model YearReceiver Hitch SizeAdditional Information
20132.5 inchesCapable of towing up to 16,000 pounds.
20152.5 inchesStandard size; can use a sleeve for smaller trailer hitches.
20173 inchesAdded option for heavier trailers; supplied with 2 1/2-inch and 2-inch reducer sleeves.
20193 inchesIncreased capacity for towing heavier weights; included reducer sleeves may have slop and rattle issues.
20203 inchesThe receiver hitch size remains the same as in 2019; included reducer sleeves are provided.
2021 and 20223 inches (with tow package), 2 1/2 inches (without tow package)The tow package includes a 3-inch hitch, while without the package, a 2 1/2-inch hitch is provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size receiver hitch comes on a Ford F250?

The size of the receiver hitch on a Ford F250 can vary depending on the year and model of the truck.  The latest models from 2017 onwards come with a 3-inch receiver hitch size.

What size is a Super Duty hitch receiver?

The Super Duty line of trucks, which includes the F250 and F350, typically come equipped with a 3-inch receiver hitch. Old models used to come with 2-inch or 2.5-inch hitch receiver sizes.

What size receiver hitch is on an F-350 Super Duty?

Similar to the F250, the F-350 Super Duty typically comes equipped with a 2-inch by 2-inch square receiver hitch. However, some F-350 models also come with a larger 2.5-inch or 3-inch receiver hitch.


I am sure – if you owner of an F-250 truck, you’ll be happy after reading this guide because I have mentioned everything that will need when towing anything with your truck. 

In short, the newer models come with a 3-inch receiver hitch size, and the older models used to come with a 2.5-inch receiver opening or size. But you can always reduce the size of the receiver size if you aim to use a smaller-sized hitch.

With the hope that this guide will prove helpful for you. In case you’re still confused, feel free to ask questions in the comment section. I will respond to your queries ASAP.

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