About Us

Hey there, Welcome to my Website Hitch Whiz. On this webpage, you’ll get all the information about the team of hitchwhiz.com that work behind the scene to provide you with useful information.

Ahmad – Owner of Website

I’m Ahmad! I’m the owner of HitchWhiz.com, a website dedicated to providing new RV owners with knowledge about hitches.

Ahmad - Owner of Website Hitch Whiz

My journey began when I was a mechanical student. However, my true passion was in hitch repair. I left college due to personal reasons and started my own shop where I spent over 15 years repairing hitches for clients.

During that time, I gained invaluable expertise in the field. I repaired countless hitches and helped many RV owners choose the right hitch for their vehicles. I firmly believe that educating people about hitches is essential, and that’s why I created Hitch Whiz.

While I no longer work in my shop, I’ve hired a team of highly skilled technicians who work with me to provide the best possible service to my clients. I take a highly professional approach to my work and ensure that my clients are always satisfied with the service they receive.

My website is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about hitches. I write articles and guides that are easy to understand and provide valuable insights into the world of hitch repair. I’m committed to providing high-quality content that helps RV owners make informed decisions about their hitches.

I don’t work alone on this website. There are a few more people who work to ensure that our readers get useful and accurate information. In the section below, I am going to introduce my team members who work behind the scene for hitchwhiz.com

Contact Ahmad: admin@hitchwhiz.com

Albert Christopher – Content Strategist

Albert Christopher - Content Strategist

Meet Albert Christopher, our Content Strategist extraordinaire! Albert is a crucial member of our team, responsible for finding relevant topics, conducting thorough research, and providing us with accurate and factual information for our website.

Albert understands the importance of search intent and works hard to find topics that actually solve the problems of our readers. He is a skilled content strategist with a keen eye for detail and an ability to deliver high-quality work consistently.

Albert’s dedication and hard work are truly remarkable. He works tirelessly to ensure that our website has the most relevant and up-to-date information available to our readers. He is a true team player who is always willing to go above and beyond to help the team succeed.

Contact Albert Christopher: Content@hitchwhiz.com

Norte – Security Specialist

Norte - Security Specialist

Norte is an expert in website security and is responsible for ensuring that the website is free from any vulnerabilities and malware attacks.

Norte has extensive technical knowledge and is always up to date with the latest security protocols. He ensures that our website remains safe from malware and other threats that could harm our readers’ devices. His attention to detail is unparalleled, and he always goes the extra mile to ensure that our website is functioning optimally.

In addition to providing security, Norte also has a keen eye for design. He has played a vital role in designing HitchWhiz.com to give our readers a smooth and seamless user experience. His expertise in graphics has also helped us in creating engaging and visually appealing content for our readers.

Norte’s focus on website security and his contribution to the website’s design has helped HitchWhiz.com to become a reliable and trustworthy source of information for new RV owners. His dedication and commitment to providing the highest level of security for our readers.

Contact Norte: security@hitchwhiz.com

Yahya – Content Editor

Yahya - Content Editor

Meet Yahya, who is responsible for ensuring that every article we publish is error-free and factually correct.

He is an expert in the English language and has a keen eye for detail. He meticulously goes through every article before it is published on the website to ensure that there are no errors, grammatical mistakes, or typos. His dedication to maintaining the quality of our content is unmatched, and he always strives for perfection.

Apart from his language skills, Yahya is also responsible for fact-checking every article. He ensures that all the information presented in our articles is accurate and up to date. He takes great pride in his work and does not compromise on the quality of our content.

As an editor, Yahya is an essential member of the HitchWhiz team. His attention to detail and dedication to providing error-free, factually correct content helps maintain the credibility of our website. He ensures that our readers can rely on us for accurate and trustworthy information.

Contact Yahya: editor@hitchwhiz.com

Who Writes the Content of this Website?

At HitchWhiz.com, all of our content is written by Ahmad, the owner of the website. However, we have a complete process in place that is followed by our team to ensure that every article we publish is of the highest quality.

The process begins with Albert, who conducts research and finds topics that our readers are interested in. Once a topic is chosen, Ahmad takes over and writes a well-researched and informative article on the subject.

After the article is completed, it goes to Yahya, our content editor, who proofreads it and checks for errors, grammatical mistakes, or typos. Yahya ensures that every article we publish is error-free and factually correct.

While Ahmad and Yahya are the two main members responsible for creating content, we have a dedicated team that works together to ensure that our articles are of the highest quality. Our process ensures that every article we publish is well-researched, informative, and accurate.

I have mentioned the contact details of every team member and if you want to contact them, you’re allowed. Leave them mail and they will respond quickly. However, you can reach us by filling in the contact box.