5 Best Drop Hitch for Ram 2500 Truck in 2024

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Drop hitches are super helpful. Why? Because of the fact that they allow you to level the trailer’s coupler with the height of the towing vehicle’s hitch receiver. So, you get better stability, control, and safety when towing the trailer which is at level with your vehicle.

But are drop hitches available for Ram 2500 trucks? Yes, they are! However, choosing the best drop hitch for RAM 2500 is a work of some skills and expertise. But don’t worry dude! I am here to help you out.

In the section below, I will talk about the drop hitches and help you find the suitable drop hitch for your RAM 2500 truck so that you can tow almost every kind of trailer no matter how low or high the trailer is!

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Reviews & Recommendations of Best Drop Hitches for RAM 2500 Truck

As I said earlier, it requires some expertise, and experience to do research and find the hitch that actually fits nicely with your truck, and provides decent performance. I don’t want you to do extensive research that will make you more confused. Instead, I have done all the work – and found some very good hitch for RAM 2500 pick-up trucks that would give you ideal weight capacity, as well as performance. 

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1- IFOKA Adjustable Trailer Drop Hitch for RAM 2500

IFOKA Adjustable Trailer Drop Hitch for RAM 2500

This FOKA drop hitch is very well known due to its availability at affordable prices. But I picked this hitch due to its deficient weight. Carrying, installing, or using them won’t be an issue at all. One single person can easily fit it and tow the trailer with a RAM 2500 truck quite easily.

They come with different drop heights. You can either buy a 4-inch, 6-inch, or even 8-inch drop depending on your needs. However, the pricing for each kind of drop varies. This hitch also comes with different hitch ball sizes to perfectly fit in the receiver of your RAM 2500 vehicle.

It is made of aluminum alloy which is obviously very good. However, I don’t say that they won’t get rusty. If you use it in bad weather conditions, wash it with salty water, and don’t clean it more often, then chances are high that it will get rusty.

Point to Consider: If you want your drop hitch to be with you for years without getting rust or corrosion, then make sure to use any lubricant preferably grease on the drop hitch so that rust remains away.

One thing that should not be overlooked is their adjustable feature which will allow you to use different drop of hitch according to the height of the trailer’s coupler and the hitch receiver of the vehicle (Ram 2500 pick-up truck). Suppose, you choose a 6-inch drop hitch, then you will be able to use 4 inches, 2 inches, or even 1-inch drop by doing adjustments.

It has a weight capacity of around 12500 lbs, but I have had some bad experiences during testing this hitch. If you drive while towing a heavy-loaded trailer with this drop hitch, you’ll hear an annoying rattling noise. The overall build quality is not up to the mark. In fact, the chrome plating done on the body is very fragile and starts to peel off when you use the hitch.


  • The installation process is very easy
  • The adjustability feature
  • Versatile as offers different drop options
  • Very lightweight and easy to use


  • Compromised build quality
  • Annoying rattling noise when you tow a heavy trailer

Honest Verdict

I am not happy with their build quality. No doubt that they are available at very affordable pricing and offer optimal value. However, if you have a habit of safety chains while towing trailers, then this hitch can be a good option for you. I don’t recommend you to 100% trust its build quality. Apart from build quality, everything looks fine.

2- CURT 45902 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

CURT 45902 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

If you have a RAM 2500 pick-up truck, and you are looking to buy a hitch to tow a heavy-duty trailer, this CURL adjustable hitch is going to satisfy your needs. I personally have used this and had no issues at all. In fact, this hitch offers excellent performance even if you use it harshly.

In the previous hitch, I said that you would hear the annoying, rattling noise with some vibration. But this CURL hitch is totally different and offers ideal performance. If you tow a very heavy-loaded trailer within its weight capacity, it won’t make any noise at all. This is why I consider this one of the quietest hitches for the RAM 2500 truck.

They have a total weight capacity of 20000 lbs. I am sure that the much-weight capacity of this hitch will help you tow almost all kinds of trailers and boats with your RAM 2500 truck. Keep in mind not to tow the trailer whose total weight is above 20000 lbs as it would be unsafe as this hitch is rated for 20000 lbs.

This hitch offers a 6-inch drop which is adjustable. If your trailer coupler is too low, then you can use a 6-inch drop. If the coupler is not very low, then you can use a 4 or even 2-inch drop and ensure that the trailer coupler, and the hitch receiver of your RAM 2500 remain perfectly aligned, and leveled.

This CURT hitch also comes with a carbide black powder coat finish. It gives added durability and reliability. But still, I won’t suggest you leave the hitch unchecked, as this coat is not going to make the hitch rust or corrosion-proof. However, the alloy of Steel makes it decently stronger and forces me to count it as the best hitch for RAM 2500 pick-up trucks.


  • Lightweight, and easy to use
  • 6-inch drop option
  • Shank can be flipped
  • Carbide black powder coat finish


  • I’ve used this hitch – and found no issue at all. You won’t regret using it. No fault at all which makes it stand out.

Honest Verdict

Green signal from my side. This hitch is made to satisfy the needs of customers. I own it and found no issue at all. I am sure that if you use it carefully, clean it regularly, and apply grease, this hitch is capable of being with you for years to come.

3- B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow Adjustable Trailer Hitch

 B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow Adjustable Trailer Hitch

B&W hitches are always top-notch, and sturdy, and this drop hitch is also no exception. You get what you pay for! That’s an old, famous proverb, but it holds perfectly true in the case of this B&W drop hitch as it offers excellent features, and provides above performance.

First of all, you’re going to get a 5-inch drop option. I think it’s not ideal – to be honest considering that some trailers require the drop hitch of 6 or even 8 inches to get perfectly aligned with the hitch receiver of the vehicle, but still 5 inch drop is optimal and it allows you to adjust the height upto 5 inches.

The adjustment pins are made of stainless steel which is optimally strong. You won’t have to bother much about the build quality of these pins that are used to adjust the height of the trailer. Overall, their build quality is also fine – as they are made with steel which is decently stronger. Are you thinking about rustproofing?

Yes, they come with some sort of ironclad black powder coat that aims to protect against moisture and extreme outdoor usage. But I don’t believe that this coat will protect this drop hitch from rust. If you use this hitch in harsh weather conditions, make sure to apply some grease or pain so that the hitch doesn’t rust.

This hitch also comes with an anti-theft design. So, you won’t have to buy any other additional lock to keep the hitch safe from thieves. The manufacturer also provides a lifetime warranty which is another plus and makes this hitch a suitable option for a RAM 2500 truck. If you find any issue with this drop hitch, contact the manufacturer, and claim the warranty.


  • Weight capacity of 10,000 pounds
  • Anti-theft locking system
  • Made in America


  • The hitch drop could have been increased up to 8 inches.

Honest Verdict

Well, the hitch is OK, but I strongly feel that the hitch drop could have been up to 8 inches which is the only fault I found. Otherwise, it is a very sturdy hitch that doesn’t produce any annoying noise. True value to money option for RAM 2500 truck.

4- Bulletproof Hitches 2.5″ Adjustable Heavy Duty Hitch for RAM 2500

Bulletproof Hitches 2.5″ Adjustable Heavy Duty Hitch for RAM 2500

Back in 2021, I had a 2019 model RAM 2500 truck, and I used this Bulletproof hitch. Later on, when I sold the truck, I gave the hitch along the truck to the new owner as he paid the price for the hitch. So I have some personal experience with drop hitch.

First of all, if you buy this one bulletproof hitch, you’ll be able to tow almost every trailer present on this earth. Why? The reason is that it allows the hitch drop of 12 inches which is amazing. No matter how high or low your trailer coupler is, you will be able to get perfectly leveled to the hitch receiver of your RAM 2500 truck.

It’s a heavy-duty hitch – and you will be able to tow a very heavy trailer comfortably. It has a total weight capacity of 22000 pounds which is more than enough for daily routine hauling with RAM 2500 pick-up trucks. Almost all the RAM trucks come with a 2.5 receiver, so this hitch ball will easily fit into a 2.5 receiver. No issue of compatibility.

This hitch also comes with a lifetime warranty which insurance that if the hitch gets any sort of issue then the company will get it repaired without charging a single penny from you. Btw, the overall build quality is top notch and I am sure you won’t have to claim the warranty. Thanks to the company for paying attention to every small detail.

As I have told you earlier I have owned this hitch in the past. So, I can tell with the confidence that it is heavyweight. You will get tired while installing it on the vehicle. This is the only issue that I found while using it. Otherwise no issue from their performance point of view. 


  • Anti-Corrosion pins
  • 7 Different Height Adjustments
  • Solid Steel Dual Ball
  • Fits perfectly on a 2.5″ Receiver


  • Heavyweight which is the only drawback

Honest Verdict

I would count it as one of the premium and high-end drop hitches that you can use with your RAM 2500 (compatible with all the RAM 2500 models). If you don’t like to have a heavier hitch, then I don’t recommend you to buy it as it is very heavy and hard to install and use. If you like the durable, strong, sturdy hitch, this bulletproof drop hitch is a perfect fit for you.

5- GEN-Y GH-524 MEGA-Duty Adjustable 7.5″ Drop Hitch

GEN-Y GH-524 MEGA-Duty Adjustable 7.5″ Drop Hitch

I picked this GEN-Y hitch due to the fact that it is very durable, and reliable. Even if you use it harshly, or wash it with salty water (which I don’t recommend), this hitch will still be with you for years to come. However, if you keep them away from the rust, then you won’t need to buy another hitch for years.

When I say this hitch is durable, I mean it. The ball mount of this hitch is heated properly and hardened to ensure that it bears the weight. So it won’t show any sort of wear and tear due to the fact it has undergone a process of heating. They offer a hitch drop of 7.5 inches which is also decent and makes them a suitable option for a RAM 2500 truck.

You will have to adjust the one pin and tow any trailer no matter how high or low it is. This hitch allows you to tow the total weight of 16000 with your RAM 2500 truck. But one thing that I love about this hitch is that it does not produce any annoying noise.

 Even if you tow a trailer and RAM 2500 with this hitch, and drive on the bumpy road, you will still have quite a towing experience. The installation process of this hitch is very easy and user-friendly. It won’t take much no matter what kind of trailer you are going to tow with your RAM 2500 pick-up truck,

If you are worried about rust, don’t worry as this hitch comes with a silver-vein powder coat which keeps the rust and corrosion away. However, I still recommend you take care of the hitch. Don’t leave it unchecked considering that it will rust-proof hitch. If you go with a careless approach, the rust will start building which could cause issues.


  • Durable ball mount
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Silver-vein powder coat
  • Easy to install and use


  • Bulkier in size which could be an issue for someone who doesn’t like bigger-sized hitch.

Honest Verdict

This hitch is available at affordable pricing and offers excellent weight-bearing capacity. The overall build quality is also something that you are going to love. So, I would recommend you to consider it as it won’t make you feel regretful for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drop hitch, and why is it important for a Ram 2500?

A drop hitch allows you to adjust the height of your trailer hitch receiver, and ensure that your trailer remains level with the vehicle’s receiver when towing. It is important because it offers safe and stable towing by preventing issues like trailer sway and uneven weight distribution.

How do I determine the right drop hitch size for my Ram 2500?

To find the best drop hitch for your Ram 2500, you need to measure the height difference between your truck’s hitch receiver and the trailer’s coupler. I highly recommend you use a drop hitch with an adjustable drop range that includes this measurement. 

Are there any additional features or accessories I should consider when buying a drop hitch for my Ram 2500?

Yes, I highly recommend you choose an anti-rattle device to minimize noise and movement when towing. In fact, you should also consider the hitch lock as it helps in securing your drop hitch to prevent theft.


Are you still confused about anything? If yes, I highly recommend you ask your questions in the comment section, and I will be quick to respond. In the end, I would say that you should always buy an adjustable drop hitch so that you can tow the trailer with different heights quite easily. With the hope that this guide will help you find the perfect drop hitch for your RAM 2500 truck, I am signing off!

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