Top 5 Best Hitches for F-250 Truck in 2024

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Ford 250 trucks are very popular due to their optimal power and versatility. They allow you to tow the trailer and transport stuff from one location to another quite comfortably. However, to tow a trailer with an F250 truck, you’ll need a hitch that provides a secure connection between the truck, and the trailer.

If you have just bought a Ford truck, and looking to tow the trailers, you’ll have to buy a hitch. But the question is: which hitch is going to be suitable for F250 trucks? There are so many options available in the market.

Don’t worry, I have promised to help you out in finding the best hitches for F-250 truck. In this article,I will give you all the information about the hitches that you can use with Ford-250 trucks. So, let’s get started without any more delays.

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Reviews of Top Picked Best Hitches for Ford-250 Trucks

As I have mentioned earlier Ford trucks are usually very powerful. Due to their durability, and power, you get a smooth towing experience. However, if you use the wrong hitch, your towing experience can be ruined, and even you can face an accident if you choose a fragile hitch that is not rated for the weight capacity of your truck.

That’s why I am writing this detailed guide to ensure that you get complete information without any issues at all. I have done complete market research, talked to some of my friends, and going to give you reviews of some top options available in the market. So, let’s drill down.

Our Top Picks!

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1- CURT 13355 Class 3 Trailer Hitch for Ford 250

CURT 13355 Class 3 Trailer Hitch for Ford 250

These CURT hitches are a suitable option for those who have a tight budget, and looking for a durable, and strong hitch for the Ford 250 pick-up truck. It is necessary to understand that these hitches are useful to tow the mid-range load. Don’t make a mistake using them to tow heavy-duty trailers.

It is rated to the trailer having a total load of 6,000 pounds which is decent – obviously not very high. If you are professional and do tow more often than not, then I don’t recommend you to buy these hitches due to their lower load or towing capacity. 

As the weight capacity of these hitches is comparatively on the lower side, you might be wondering about what you can tow with this hitch. According to my experience, you won’t find any issues while towing camper trailers, boat trailers, utility trailers, and smaller cargo trailers. However, whenever you tow a trailer with this hitch, make sure to check the weight of the trailer.

If the weight of the trailer and stuff loaded on it is higher than 6000 lbs, then I don’t recommend you to use these hitches as they are not rated for weight more than 6000 lbs. Let’s talk about the durability. They are made with carbon steel which is very durable and provides them enough strength. In terms of build quality and durability, these CURT hitches are top-notch.

One of the standout features of the CURT Class 3 hitch is its custom fit for the Ford F250. I mean you won’t find it hard to install or use. Even if you are a newbie, you’ll be able to easily install and use them without the help of any professional. Their overall weight is also on the lower side which makes them very user-friendly.


  • Reliable and strong
  • Coating against the rust protection
  • Easy to use and install – no need to do the grilling
  • Custom-fit to the Ford 250 pickup trucks


  • The load or weight carrying capacity is lower – it could have been better.

Honest Verdict

Now, let’s talk about our views and opinions. Look, these hitches are OK, and you won’t find any issues regarding their durability or build quality if you use them with Ford 250.. However, if you plan to tow really heavy stuff, you will need a hitch with a higher weight rating. These CURT hitches are good for beginners and everyday towing needs. I won’t recommend it to someone who is professional.

2- B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount – 2.5″ Hitch

B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount – 2.5″ Hitch

If you’re new to towing or recently upgraded to a Ford F250, then these B&W hitch is going to fulfill all of your needs. I myself have used for many times and found no issue at all. One of my close friends also got a new Ford F250, and like you, he is also using this hitch and he seems to be satisfied. 

If you have read my previous guides, then you would know that I always prefer durable, and strong hitches. The reason is that they provide more towing safety. The good thing is that this B&W hitch is built tough. It’s made with strong American steel, and you will feel its strength by lifting it. 

Keep in mind that the products that are made in the USA are usually of high quality because they are made by following some guidelines and quality standards. These B&W hitches are no exception as they are also manufactured in the USA.

One thing that you’re going to love is the versatility of this B&W hitch. It’s got three different ball sizes, which make it a suitable fit for different-sized trailer couplers.  All three balls of these B&W hitches have different diameter sizes so there won’t be an issue of compatibility of the ball with the trailer coupler no matter what size of the trailer the coupler is!

The B&W Tow & Stow also has a sleeve which is another useful feature. I am sure that you would be thinking about the weight capacity of this hitch. They are decent as you’ll be able to tow a trailer having a weight under 14,500 lbs. It’s a very good capacity that will allow you to use your Ford-250 driver around and transport small to mid-range cargo from one place to another.

I love their powerful towing capacity, which means they can handle what your Ford F250 can throw at it. It’s been tested and meets all the standards for safety and performance. One of my close friends owns this hitch, and he seems to be satisfied with its towing capacity, and overall performance.

Do you live in an area where criminal activities are more common? Are you worried that your hitch will be stolen? If yes, you don’t need to worry as this hitch comes with a locking feature. You will be able to lock the hitch with the receiver, so it’s not going anywhere. 


  • Easy to use and install
  • Strong body, and coating for rust-proofing
  • Excellent towing capacity of 14500 lbs
  • Purely made in the USA


  • If you wash it with salty water, then it will begin to start rusting. Be careful if you wash it with salty water and apply grease more often than not.

Honest Verdict

If you ask for my personal advice, I would say a big YES, because of the fact that they are built tough, versatile, easy to use, and also come with an extra layer of safety. They surely deserve your investment as you won’t regret using them.

3- IFOKA Adjustable Trailer Hitch, Fits 2.5 Inch Receiver 

IFOKA Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount, Fits 2.5 Inch Receiver

If you’re looking for the best hitch for your Ford F-250 with strong weight capacity in affordable pricing, then this IFOKA hitch is going to satisfy your needs. The reason is that they offer nice features and their prices are also on the lower side. 

During using, and testing, I realized that these hitches are very user-friendly. Installing them on the F-250 won’t be an issue at all. All you will have to do is to just slide it into your 2.5-inch receiver, lock it in place, and you’re ready to go. That’s it. You won’t have to do any sort of drilling etc.

By using this hitch with your Fort 250 truck, you will be able to tow a trailer having a weight load of 18,500 lbs. The weight capacity of this hitch is very good – and you’ll be able to use your Ford 250 to carry heavy-duty stuff from one place to another with ease. Make sure that you tow a trailer whose overall weight is less than 18500 pounds.

Let’s talk about their versatility. There are two ball options: a 2-inch and a 2-5/16-inch ball, so you can use the one that fits your trailer best. Keep in mind that couplers size can vary so using the hitch with multiple ball sizes is always handy. You won’t face any issue of compatibility when using this hitch to tow any trailer with your Ford 250 pickup truck.

No matter if your truck sits low or high, you will be able to adjust the hitch height according to your preferences. The reason is that this IFOKA hitch offers 6 inches of height adjustment which makes it easy to match your trailer’s height. But, their durability is something that is going to make you love them.

They are made with aluminium material which is very strong, and make them robust. However, I miss the rust protection coating which could have made the deal ideal. Keep in mind that aircraft-grade aluminum is resistant to corrosion. But still, the rust protection coating would have uplifted their overall selling value.


  • Variable hitch ball sizes
  • Height adjustment feature
  • Weight capacity of 18500 lbs
  • Strong aluminum material has been used


  • Construction material is ideal – but the quality quality is compromised to some extent.

Honest Verdict

They have nice features including the locking pins are made of super strong stainless steel and offer security and peace of mind that your hitch won’t be stolen. They also come with weather-resistant covers to keep them in tip-top shape. Above all, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to buy them which makes them budget-friendly. So, the green signal from my side!

4- Weigh Safe Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball with 21,000 GTW

Weigh Safe Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball with 21,000 GTW

I picked this hitch because of the fact that they are lightweight, and have an excellent towing capacity of 21000 pounds which makes them a suitable option for the latest model of Ford-250 trucks. While installing this hitch, you won’t get tired because they are very user-friendly, and lightweight.

This hitch also gives you the height adjustment feature which means that you will be able to tow any trailer with your Ford 250. Keep in mind that the height of the hitch plays a crucial role in giving you a safe towing experience. If the hitch is too low or too high, it affects the tongue weight, which ultimately causes uneven weight distribution.

One thing that you are going to love about this hitch is the ball is made up of steel which is very resistant to rust, and corrosion. But, I would still say that you will have to take care of this hitch so that it does not get rusty. No matter how good a construction material is, if the hitch is left unchecked, it gets rust.

Let’s talk about the weight-bearing capacity of this hitch. You’ll be able to tow a trailer with having weight of 21000 lbs. This weight limit is quite decent and you will be able to tow smaller to mid-range trailers comfortably. They also come with an anti-theft locking system which adds additional security layers.


  • Decent weight capacity
  • The hitch height adjustment feature
  • Easy to install
  • Very lightweight and easy to use


  • High prices could be an issue for someone who has tight money

Honest Verdict

No doubt that this hitch is a very good option for Ford 250 as it allows you to tow the trailer with heavy loads on it. However, the prices are the real concern. I won’t suggest you due to their higher pricing.

5- CURT 45908 Adjustable Pintle Hitch for F-250 

CURT 45908 Adjustable Pintle Hitch for F-250

This CURT adjustable pintle is my favorite because of the fact that it comes with anti-rattle features. It means that when you tow a trailer with your vehicle, you won’t hear any annoying noise due to the hitch. In fact, you won’t feel any sort of vibrations or chucking when use this hitch with your Ford 250 truck.

They are very durable. In fact, my uncle owned this hitch for the last 2 years, and he never had any issues at all. He uses his hitch in harsh conditions when the fog is around. In terms of durability, this hitch gets maximum. The reason is that they consist of steel material which is strong, and makes them reliable.

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One thing that might not be attractive is their towing capacity. You will be able to tow the trailer having the maximum load of just 10000 lbs. This weight capacity is decent for usually towing, however, if you are professional, and do towing as a profession, then this hitch won’t be a suitable fit for you due to its slightly lower weight capacity.

Not to forget, this hitch also consists of a durable carbide black powder coat finish which makes it a very good option to be used in heavy rain, fog, or even moisture areas. Due to this coating, this hitch will remain with you for years to come. Just don’t use them harshly, and clean them more often to ensure that don’t leave your companionship.

The overall look of this hitch is very sleek and attractive. The reason is that they consist of decorative chrome plating. Due to this chrome plating, they look like mirrors. Keep in mind that this hitch also comes with a lifetime warranty which further uplifts its standard and makes the deal more attractive by giving you peace of mind and making them stand out among the best hitches for F-250.


  • The hitch height adjustment feature 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Chrome plating on the body
  • Strong body due to steel
  • Durable carbide black powder coat finish
  • Three balls enhance their versatility and utility


  • Bulkier sized and slightly heavier

Honest Verdict

This premium hitch is a very good option for those people who are looking high-end and durable hitch for a Ford 250 truck. I love its shiny look and anti-rattle system which make them attractive and silent. They don’t produce any vibration at all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hitch does the F-250 have?

The Ford F-250 typically comes with a receiver hitch, which is either a Class 4 or Class 5 hitch.

What is the recommended hitch size for a Ford F-250?

The recommended hitch size for a Ford F-250 typically corresponds to the class of hitch being used. For most F-250 models, a 2-inch receiver hitch is common, but for heavier towing, a 2.5-inch receiver hitch would be a better option.

Are weight distribution hitches necessary for towing with an F-250?

If you are towing a heavy-duty trailer with extreme load, then you should use the weight distribution hitch as it will divide the weight evenly across the trailer.

What are the advantages of using a gooseneck hitch on an F-250?

By using a gooseneck hitch, you will get improved towing stability, higher weight capacity, and a tighter turning radius compared to conventional receiver hitches. I highly recommend this hitch for those who frequently tow heavy loads, like trailers or horse trailers.


Different hitches have different capabilities and weight towing capacities. In this guide, I have provided multiple hitches having different weight-bearing capacities to ensure that you choose the best hitch for your F250 truck. Every hitch is excellent – and you should make a final decision according to your needs.

If you aim for the tow heavy-duty trailers, then go with the hitch with better and increased GTW, and vice versa. I hope that this guide will add value, and help you to choose the suitable hitch for your Ford 250 truck. I am signing off! See you with another useful guide.

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