5 Best 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram 3500 Truck in 2024

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RAM 3500 truck is very powerful and is used for towing at the commercial level. However, you’ll have to use the strong hitch so that you get a safe towing experience even when towing the heavy-duty trailing with having gigantic load.

5th wheel hitches are very famous, and the most used option when it comes to towing heavy loads with heavy-duty trucks. The reason is that this powerful hitch allows you to tow extreme loads with ease. 

However, choosing the best 5th wheel hitch for  RAM 3500  is a hard job. That’s why I am going to write this in detail. After reading this article, you’ll be able to choose the suitable 5th wheel hitch that will allow you to tow the heavy-duty trailer easily.

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Reviews & Recommendations of Best 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram 3500 Mega Cab

Keep in mind that 5th-wheel hitches are usually very expensive. So, you cannot afford to make a small mistake in the decision-making process as it will cost you a budget of around 1000 dollars or even more. So, listen to me carefully, and read this whole guide to ensure that you have all the information before you finally decide which 5th wheel hitch is going to be the next companion of your RAM 3500 heavy-duty truck. So, let’s get started.

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1- B&W Trailer Hitches Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch

B&W Trailer Hitches Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch

First of all, I would mention that this B&W fifth-wheel hitch is very easy to install on the bed of the RAM 3500 truck. In fact, during disconnecting the trailer, you won’t find any issues. The reason is that this hitch comes with the cam action latching handle which allows you to disconnect or release the trailer comfortably.

Even if you have parked your RAM 3500, and trailer on an uneven surface, the disconnecting of the vehicle and trailer would be very easy. Thanks to its latching handle it makes life easier. While towing the trailer with the RAM 3500 truck by using this B&W 5th wheel hitch, the turning and sharp turns won’t be an issue.

The reason is that this hitch provides 12 inches of turning clearance. So, whenever driving the truck with this hitch becomes very easy. You’ll be able to make sharp turns and park the vehicle along with the trailer wherever you want. 

If you are a senior or professional driver, I am sure that your RAM 3500 would already have the mounting rails. So, this hitch will be compatible with those mounted rails present on the bed of your RAM 3500 truck which will make it easy for you to install the hitch on your truck.

Let’s talk about the towing capacity of this 5th-wheel hitch. You’ll be able to tow a trailer or any other camper having a total weight of 20,000 lbs which is excellent. Usually, when we tow heavy-duty trailers, we hear annoying, rattling noises. But this hitch comes with Polyurethane bushings which don’t produce any noise or sound.

One thing that I did not like about this hitch is that it does not come with the mounting rails. So, you’ll have to buy the mounting rail separately which could add an additional cost. However, if you have used a RAM 3500 truck, then it must have mounting rails. In case your truck does not have a mounting rail, and you are buying this hitch, be ready to buy the rails separately.


  • Easy to install, and release
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Excellent 12-inch turning clearance
  • A lifetime warranty adds peace of mind


  • It does not come with the mounting rails – and you’ll have to buy them separately

Honest Verdict

There is no doubt that this hitch is a suitable option for the RAM 3500 Mega Cab truck. You won’t find any issues while using it. However, it does not come with the mounting rails which could be an issue especially if you have just bought a new RAM 3500 truck, and it does not have rails installed.

2- CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch for RAM 3500 Truck

CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch for RAM 3500 Truck

If you are a professional driver, and tow more often, then you would definitely know the importance of the stability of the trailer that you tow with your vehicle. If the trailer is not is not a table, and moving around, it becomes a nightmare for the drivers to control the vehicle. Do you agree? Yes, you will indeed.

But there is a good thing about this hitch as it comes with a double or dual pivot head which makes it the best 5th wheel hitch for RAM 3500. Actually, this dual pivot head provides you with 10-degree lateral movement which makes the towing very smooth. Due to this 10-degree lateral movement, the trailers move independently and put no extra pressure or burden on the hitch and truck.

So, you will be able to drive your RAM 3500 truck quite comfortably. Maneuvering the vehicle in the corners, and turns won’t be an issue at all.  What I love the most in this 5th wheel hitch is its anti-rattlbe skid plate which is very efficient in reducing the noise and the vibration. Without this skid plate, the noise would have been a complete headache.

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This hitch offers a towing capacity of 16000 pounds which is obviously not too high, but it would handle all your daily routine towing works. You will be able to tow boats, campers, and small to mid-sized trailers with your RAM 3500 truck.

All these features excite you? Let me tell you something more special about this hitch. It is budget budget-friendly option which means that you won’t have to spend much money. In case you have tight money, this hitch is suitable for you as it offers decent performance at very affordable prices.


  • Skid plate for noise reduction
  • Decent tow capacity
  • Available at affordable prices
  • Auto-locking feature
  • Compatible with all the rails


  • Difficult to install and release
  • Heavier than normal 5th wheel hitches

Honest Verdict

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly 5th wheel hitch for your RAM 3500 mega cab heavy-duty truck, then I highly recommend you buy this hitch. The reason is that it offers very useful features and optimal performance which uplift your towing experience.

3- Reese 30047 16K Fifth Wheel for RAM-3500 

Reese 30047 16K Fifth Wheel for RAM-3500

As you know the RAM 3500 trucks are heavy-duty, and usually used for towing heavy loads in different terrains. This is why I consider this Reese 5th wheel hitch as it offers s 6-inch side-to-side pivot which ensures that you perfectly tow the trailer on uneven ground. So, you will have maximum control of the truck while driving.

Different trailers are available out there which have different heights. Right? Some of them are very tall while other trailers are smaller in terms of height. But you don’t need to be worried no matter what height trailer you are going to tow with your RAM 3500. The reason is that this hitch offers a height adjustment feature.

During testing, I noticed that this hitch is very easy to install and remove when you are done with towing. It is very helpful because of you don’t always use the RAM 3500 for towing. Suppose you are going out to enjoy the beautiful, then you can remove the hitch quite easily. In fact, you can quickly remove the hitch and use the truck bed for other purposes.

This hitch comes with the patented jaw-locking system which is very efficient in securing your hitch. So, when you are not using the hitch, you can use this lock and keep the hitch secure. You won’t have any fear of thieves stealing your hitch. The overall build quality is also decent which makes it a suitable option for RAM 3500 truck.


  • Patented jaw-locking mechanism
  • Easy to remove for full bed access
  • Improved stability due to wide stance legs
  • Side-to-side pivot helps accommodate hook-ups on uneven ground


  • Limited 5 years warranty – not lifetime
  • Compatibility issue with short bed truck

Honest Verdict

I would say it is just a mid-range product which is available at affordable prices. I love their ease of installation. It won’t be wrong to say that this Reese hitch offers true value to money.

4- CURT 16120 A16 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram 3500

CURT 16120 A16 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram 3500

If you have read my previous guides, you would know that I always prefer safety as the first criterion whenever I choose a hitch for myself. This hitch comes with a coupling indicator which makes life easier for the RAM 3500 Truck driver. How? This coupling indicator gives you the exact information about whether the hitch is secured coupled or not.

So, You won’t need to repeatedly inspect the hitch or rely on guesswork to ensure it’s coupled before you start driving. Instead, you’ll be able to see the live status of whether the 5th wheel hitch is coupled or uncoupled.  I would say this feature makes this hitch very unique if you compare it with all the other options discussed in this guide.

I am sure that you won’t like the rattling or annoying noise when towing the trailer with the RAM 3500 truck with the help of a 5th wheel hitch. Right? The good thing is that this hitch produces no sound due to the fact that it consists of a cast yoke, and poly-torsion insets which reduce the shock loads. 

Different wheel hitch base rails are available in the market. However, they all work in the same way. This hitch is also compatible with all the industry standard 5th wheel base rail which makes it a versatile option for RAM 3500. Installing this hitch on the bed of a truck is very straightforward.


  • Easy to use 
  • Versatile option 
  • No rattling noise production
  • Decent towing capacity
  • Coupling Indicator which is very helpful


  • The price of this hitch is too high.

Honest Verdict

There is an issue with this hitch which makes it non-accessible to the common. The price is a real hurdle. Although all the features and performance of this 5th wheel hitch are top-notch, you’ll get a smooth towing experience if you use it with your RAM 3500. I must say that its higher price is justifiable as the company is providing excellent features.

5- Reese Pro Series™ 20K Fifth Wheel

Reese Pro Series™ 20K Fifth Wheel

This Reese hitch is very powerful, and you’ll be able to tow the trailer having a total weight of 20,000 pounds or less. I mean, this towing capacity is excellent which makes this a suitable option to use for daily hauling with a RAM 3500 truck. I love its overall durability, and body strength.

I used this hitch a few years ago when I had to shift some stuff from my home to the office. The stuff included some furniture etc. So, I had difficulty installing it on the bed of my truck. Ask the reason. Actually, this hitch is not lightweight, and carrying or holding it is a real challenge. If you don’t have the habit of using heavyweight 5th-wheel hitches, then this hitch will irritate you.

Technically, it is very easy to install, and use – but it’s weight add troubles and you will find it hard to pick the hitch and install and make adjustment on the bed of your RAM 3500 truck. It comes polished body which ensures that it won’t rust or corrode easily if you keep it safe, clean it regularly, and lubricate it with grease.

The question might pop up in your mind: Is this Reese 5th wheel hitch good for a RAM 3500 truck? My answer is yes, because of the fact that this hitch offers excellent towing capacity, and is very much capable of being used in harsh conditions. However, it’s weight is a real concern for me. Would it be OK for you to use the bulky hitch which is hard to hold or carry? You need to answer for yourself!


  • 20000 pounds weight capacity
  • No vibration or rattling sound
  • Strong, and durable


  • Heavyweight which makes it hard to install

Honest Verdict

I believe that this hitch offers decent value by giving the weight capacity of 20000 pounds which is fantastic. You will be able to use this hitch with your RAM 3500 and tow whatever you want to tow. However, make sure to count its con of being heavyweight.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Fifth Wheel Hitch for RAM 4500 Truck

I don’t want to you go into the market, and buy a hitch without having the information about the basic factors that can have an impact on your purchase. That’s why, in the section below, I am going to give you a list of some important things that you must keep in mind when choosing the 5th wheel hitch for RAM 3500.

  • First of all, make sure to have an idea of what you are going to tow with your RAM 3500 truck. This will help you in deciding what weight capacity you will need in the fifth wheel hitch that you are going to choose. Different hitches are available having different weight capacities. Make sure to choose the hitch weight capacity that fits your needs.
  • The hitch that you are considering must be very easy to install. If the hitch is super heavy, and hard to install, then I highly recommend you skip that hitch and look for any other fifth-wheel hitch which is easy to use and install.
  • Compatibility is a very important factor that should never be overlooked: otherwise, you will get regrets instead of a comfortable towing experience. Make sure to check that the hitch you’re considering is compatible with your RAM 4500’s bed design. Some hitches require specific mounting systems or rails, so ensure compatibility to avoid installation issues.
  • I highly recommend everyone to choose the fifth wheel hitch that is lightweight and comes with a lifetime warranty. The provision of a warranty will give you peace of mind. So, if the hitch gets any issue, the manufacturer will get it repaired without charging a single penny.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 5th-wheel hitch for a Ram 3500?

The best 5th-wheel hitch for a Ram 3500 depends on your specific towing needs. I consider  B&W Companion, CURTE-16, and Reese 30037 suitable options for RAM 3500 trucks with mega cab.

How big a 5th wheel can a Ram 3500 pull?

A well-equipped Ram 3500 can typically tow a 5th-wheel trailer with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of up to 30,000 pounds.

Do you need a slider hitch for the Ram Mega Cab?

Not really. Keep in mind that a slider hitch is used for short-bed trucks to provide additional maneuverability when towing. However, if your Ram Mega Cab has a long bed, a standard 5th-wheel hitch may suffice and you won’t need a slider hitch.

Can I pull a fifth wheel with a Mega Cab?

Yes, you can pull a fifth wheel with a Ram Mega Cab. Mega Cabs typically have sufficient towing capacity for many 5th-wheel trailers. 

Is the Mega Cab good for towing?

Ram Mega Cabs are generally well-suited for towing due to their robust engines and sturdy build. They offer spacious and comfortable interiors, making long towing journeys more enjoyable.


According to me, I have covered everything about the top fifth-wheel hitches available for the RAM 3500. If you think that I have missed anything or you are still confused, do comment and ask your question. I will try my best to answer your queries as first priority. I am signing off now. See you with another useful guide.

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