Gen-Y Hitch vs Bulletproof Hitch – Which One is the Best in 2024?

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The two most famous hitches that I mostly see people, especially truck owners, are the Gen-y and bulletproof hitches. It is a fact that both of these hitches are considered top-notch among users.

But many people don’t know much about the differences between these two hitches. A lack of knowledge can make you make the mistake of choosing the wrong hitch for your purpose. 

So, in this guide, I will be talking about the Gen-y Hitch vs Bulletproof hitches that will help you understand their differences. In the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. So, let’s get started.

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Key Differences between Gen-y Hitch vs Bulletproof Hitches

FeatureBulletproof HitchesGen-Y Hitches
Shank SpecificationsOffers 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 shank hitchesOffers 2.0 and 2.5 shank hitches
Load Bearing CapacityCan bear weight from 10,000 to 36,000 lbs.Can bear weight from 14,000 to 32,000 lbs.
Material UsedMade of stainless steelMade of heavy-duty stainless steel
Warranty PeriodLifetime construction warranty Up to 5 years of limited warranty
PricingSlightly HigherAffordable
VersatilityLower versatility compared to Gen-Y hitchesHigher versatility compared to Bulletproof hitches

Bulletproof hitches are certainly a better and premium option when compared with the Gen-y hitches due to their better shank specifications, load-bearing capacity, and lifetime warranty. However, Gen-y hitches are only good for those who have limited or tight budgets.

This was a brief introduction that I have given, but there is a lot more information that I have to share with you. So, I suggest you read the guide till the end so that you get all the information.

1- Shank Specifications

If you’re a newbie, then I am sure that you don’t know much about the shank. Actually, the shank refers to the hole in the ball mount where the trailer ball is inserted. In simple words, it is the point where the receiver attaches to the vehicle.

Now, let’s compare both gen-y and bulletproof hitches and I consider bulletproof to be on the better side because these hitches come with 2 to 3 shanks. More shanks allow you rigid and solid joints and better safety.

On the other hand, Gen-y hitches come with 2 and 2.5 good shanks – but they don’t give you the ideal rigidity and strength that you usually get in bulletproof hitches. Keep in mind that a strong joint means that you’ll have a safe towing experience. 

Winner: Bulletproof Hitches are fairly winning here.

2- Load Bearing Capacity

This is probably one of the most important points that must be considered when you look to choose one of these two hitches. If a hitch has a low load-bearing capacity, then it does not make sense to choose it.

When it comes to Bulletproof vs gen-y hitches, then I highly recommend you to go with the Bulletproof because of its better load-bearing capacity. With bulletproof hitches, you can put more load on the hitches and you still have safe towing.

The bulletproof hitch offers a better weight capacity of 36000 pounds. On the flip side, the gen-y hitches offer 32000 pounds which is 4000 pounds less than the load-bearing capacity of bulletproof hitches.

Winner: Bulletproof hitches are certainly a better option if the weight capacity is your concern.

3- Warranty Period

Not only the hitches, but I always appreciate everyone who looks to buy products that have a lifetime warranty. It gives a kind of satisfaction to the buyer that his money is safe if the product does not meet his expectations.

Let’s talk about these two hitches – gen-y and bulletproof. The bulletproof hitch comes with a lifetime warranty but unfortunately, the Gen-y hitches only have a limited five-year warranty which indicates that bulletproof hitches are more secure and you can claim the warranty whenever the product shows any wear and tear.

Although the warranty is usually limited to wear and tear – still it offers good peace of mind that you’ll still be able to get your hitch replaced or repaired from the original/official manufacturer.

Winner: Bulletproof hitches.

4- Material Used in the Construction of Hitches

I always consider the build quality as the number of decision-making factors. If you don’t heed the building material, you’ll end up getting regrets. But the good thing is that both of these hitches are excellent in terms of build quality.

Both of these hitches are made with stainless steel which is robust and makes these hitches stand out when you load the trailer or tow the truck or SUV which is heavyweight. 

However, you should always keep in mind that bulletproof hitches offer better loading capacity and it is considered that they are more stronger or robust. But it is not the case – both hitches are made with the same heavy-duty stainless steel.

Winner: It is tied between the gen-y and bulletproof hitch.

5- Versatility and Compatibility

Both GEN-Y and Bulletproof hitches are very good, but there is a slight difference when it comes to versatility and compatibility. Firstly, let’s discuss their design & versatility.

Both Bulletproof and Gen-Y Hitches have a very much adjustable design. These hitches typically feature multiple height positions, allowing you to easily adjust the hitch height according to your towing needs. Their versatility enables you to tow various trailers and vehicles at different heights.

But when it comes to compatibility,  Gen-Y Hitches are the winner as they are designed to be compatible with multiple receiver sizes. They often come with interchangeable sleeves or adapters that allow you to switch between different receiver sizes, such as 2 inches, 2.5 inches, or 3 inches. 

Note: This adaptability ensures that you can use the same hitch with various vehicles, depending on their receiver size.

But Bulletproof Hitches are usually made to fit a specific receiver size, such as 2 inches or 2.5 inches. So, their compatibility is limited to the specific receiver size for which they are designed. This means you will need to purchase different hitches if you have vehicles with different receiver sizes.

Winner: Gen-Y hitches

6- Attachment Points

You should always keep in mind that the Gen-Y Hitches usually come with multiple attachment points. For example, pintle hooks, ball mounts, or clevis mounts. This variety of attachment options provides flexibility and compatibility with different towing systems.

However, the Bulletproof Hitches offer limited design and are primarily focused on traditional ball mounts for towing. I know that their design is usually suitable for most towing situations, but it does limit the versatility compared to Gen-Y Hitches when it comes to using alternative attachment methods.

Winner: Gen-Y hitches

7- Affordability

Well, buying power varies from person to person. I believe that the most important factor that people consider before making a final decision is the price. But there is no massive price difference between these two items.

The bulletproof hitches are slightly more expensive, but you get more durability, and better build quality in the bulletproof hitches. Keep in mind that the price difference between these two hitches is very small – better to say negligible. 

But still, I consider Gen-y hitches a better option for those people who have tight budgets and want a decent option. But if you have a handsome budget, I certainly suggest you go with the bulletproof hitches as they offer better value.

Winner: Gen-Y hitches

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BulletProof Hitch rust?

Bulletproof hitches are made with stainless steel and also coated with anti-corrosive material to ensure that they don’t get any rust and corrosion.

Can you flip a Gen Y hitch?

Yes, Gen-y hitches are adjustable and you can easily flip them.

How heavy are Gen Y hitches?

They are decently heavy as they have a total weight of 31kg.

Are bulletproof hitches better than Gen-y hitches?

It depends on your choice and needs but I believe that the bulletproofs offer better value as they are stronger, offer better loading carrying capacity, and overall their usability is easy.

Are Gen-Y Hitches Worth it?

Yes, they are very good and if you have a tight budget, I highly recommend you buy them as they will provide decent performance.


It is the end of this guide as I have covered almost everything. If you think that I forgot something to explain or you have any questions in mind, I highly appreciate you using the comment section below, and asking us questions. Our team will be quick to respond. With the hope that this guide will add value to your life, I am signing off!

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