5 Best Weight Distribution Hitch for Toy Haulers in 2024

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Toy haulers are 5th-wheel RVs that are helpful in carrying different machines such as dirt bikes, smaller trailers, ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles), etc. alongside when you’re going out for a trip or camping.

You’ll need a hitch for towing the toy hauler with your truck. I know that you know it. But the question is: which hitch you should choose for towing the toy hauler? Will you need a weight distribution hitch? All these questions need answers. 

In this guide, I will answer all of your questions, and give you some of the best weight distribution hitch for toy haulers so that you tow the toy hauler easily, and safely. So, let’s get started!

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Reviews & Recommendations of Best Weight Distribution Hitches for Towing Toy Haulers

To write this guide, I have done some research work to ensure that my provided information proves to be useful for you. End of the day, our aim is to help you make the right buying decision so that you don’t regret it later after buying a hitch for a towing Toy hauler.

In the section below, I am going to review some of the top hitches available in the market to give you some suitable options. With each hitch, I’ll mention potential pros, and cons which further help you understand the product. So, let’s dive!

Our Top Picks!

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1- Camco Eaz-Lift Elite 1,000lb Weight Distributing Hitch

Camco Eaz-Lift Elite 1,000lb Weight Distributing Hitch

Just like my previous guides, I am going to mention the budget-friendly product at the start. I know that there are many people who cannot afford a hitch as they are super expensive. This is why I narrowed down the options, and picked one of the best-performing hitch affordable pricing so that you don’t have to feel bad.

This Camco hitch comes with an excellent weight distribution hitch, which obviously distributes the weight, and ensures that you’ll be having a smooth ride. In fact, it also features sway control which is very efficient and ensures that you’ll have having tension-free experience when towing the toy hauler with your truck.

If you have ever towed a heavy-duty trailer, you would understand that it gets really hard to control the vehicle, and trailer when you make a sharp turn. Agreed? But this hitch comes with a sway control system which allows you to make sharp turns with minimal sway which will surely give you confidence while driving.

It has a weight capacity of 12,000 lbs which is very good especially if you aim to tow heavy-duty trailers such as airstream or toy haulers. You won’t feel that this hitch is making noise due to the burden of the toy hauler. In fact, your ride would be smooth, and silent. Are you thinking about the build quality?

Don’t worry, it is decently strong – however, it still requires care, and regular checkups if you really want it to be with you for the years to come. Above all, this hitch also comes with a lifetime warranty which is another peace of mind. The brand is standing tall behind you: if your hitch gets any issue, the manufacturer will repair it without charging anything.


  • Decent weight capacity
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No noise production
  • Available at affordable prices


  • Users have reported issues with bolts constantly loosening, which can result in damage to components such as the thumb screw etc

Honest Verdict 

As I mentioned earlier this hitch belongs to the budget category. So if you look from the affordability perspective, it offers optimal value and performance. I definitely recommend you buy this for towing the toy hauler and enjoy the safe journey.

2- Reese Integrated Sway Control Weight Distribution

Reese Integrated Sway Control Weight Distribution

I used this hitch a few months ago, and I don’t consider it ideal for towing the toy hauler. However, it offers many useful features which can make you happy. However, If I compare it with the above review product, I don’t find it better in any way.

This hitch is durable, and I must say that it is very much capable of bearing external environmental factors quite comfortably. You won’t have to be proactive in maintaining taking care. If you clean the hitch after a month and apply grease, it won’t get any rust and sway with you for years.

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Sway bar tilt adjustment is very user-friendly, and you will be able to do it without much hassle. In fact, the ease of adjustment of three sway bars is something that makes this hitch very user-friendly. If you don’t have any previous experience of using the weight distribution hitch, you’ll still be able to easily adjust the sway bar.

It is important to note that this hitch may not work with extremely long trailers. I read the user manual which mentions that if the trailer length is longer than 27 inches in length from the coupler to the attachment point, then there could be some compatibility issues. I highly recommend you read the complete intrusion about the compatibility and check your trailer to avoid regret after buying.

This hitch is a competitor of the above review Camco: and I consider the previous Camco as an obviously better option than this hitch. The previously reviewed hitch is budget-friendly and offers better performance, and features as compared to this hitch.

It comes with a 10 years limited warranty which is something I don’t like. The question is: will this hitch be functional for up to 10 years? What after that? What if the hitch gets any issue in the 11th year? This is why I always recommend my readers to consider the hitches that come with a lifetime warranty as they provide you peace of mind.


  • Sway bar tilt adjustment is very user-friendly
  • Durable, and excellent proofing against rust
  • Installing, and removing this hitch is very easy


  • Not lifetime warranty – instead limited 10 years warranty which I hate
  • Slightly overpriced if you compare it with the previous product

Honest Verdict

Certainly, this hitch is a viable choice for a toy hauler, yet I maintain the perspective that it falls short in several aspects. While it positions itself as a direct contender to the preceding product, it fails to deliver comparable value. In my estimation, its price should not exceed $250, rendering it overpriced. I would not recommend this; instead, I suggest opting for the aforementioned preceding product.

3- EAZ LIFT Camco Elite 800lb Weight Distribution Hitch 

EAZ LIFT Camco Elite 800lb Weight Distribution

This is the best weight distribution hitch for toy haulers as it offers everything that you’ll need to get a smooth towing experience. It has excellent weight capacity and offers decent control which ensures that you will have an enjoyable tour with decent speed.

As you know before writing each article, I always do research, and talk to friends in case I have not used that product to ensure my readers get authentic information. One of my colleagues told me that he used this EAZ LIFT Elite hitch and feels very comfortable changing lanes with a towed trailer.

I 100% agree with him – this hitch divides the weight evenly, so you don’t get uneven or more stress in any specific part of the trailer. The even division of weight ensures that you’ll get perfect maneuvering no matter how fast or slow you drive. Turing in small places and changing lanes with speed won’t be an issue.

The Eaz-Lift Elite is perfect for use with RVs and toy haulers which makes it a suitable choice for those with larger, specialized trailers. Thanks to their sway control, and weight distribution feature.  This solves the pain point of finding a hitch that works well with RVs. You won’t hear any noise while towing toy haulers with this hitch.

One thing that annoys almost every driver is buying a brand new hitch and it comes without any mounting hardware. Then you tend to think that you’ll have to buy all the components from the market adding more cost to the hitch. But with this hitch, you’ll get all the mounting components and won’t have to buy them separately.

The availability of the mounting hard with the hitch actually makes it a budget-friendly option. The reason is that if a hitch does not come with components, then you will have to buy them separately, which would make the hitch very expensive. So, you get all the components, and the hitch itself at one affordable price.

It has a decent weight capacity which will allow you to tow any trailer quite easily. One thing that you will love is that it offers more fatigue and mental stress-free towing and driving experience. Because while driving you won’t have to worry about the weight distribution, and stability as everything will just be perfect in its place due to this weight distribution hitch for toy haulers.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent rust proofing
  • Offer a smooth, and comfortable ride
  • Free mounting hardware without


  • I’ve used this hitch, and talked to those friends who use it – and I got nothing wrong about this hitch. It is indeed the best option for weight distribution hitch for toy haulers.

Honest Verdict

As mentioned earlier this hitch has everything that you will need to tow the toy hauler and carry your stuff like dirt bikes, ATVs, etc. with you when going out camping or touring. Certainly, I would recommend this hitch as it’s my personal favorite.

4- Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch for Toy Hauler

Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch

If you have budget issues and don’t want to spend more on the hitch, then you can skip this product as it belongs to the premium category and requires a handsome budget. You won’t be able to buy it if you have tight money. In fact, I don’t even suggest you break your bank and buy this one. Is it clear?

Let’s dive into the review – this hitch comes with the 4-point sway control system which means that you won’t feel any sag or uncontrolled movement of the trailer when towed with your vehicle.  No matter how fast, or slow you drive, when it comes to stability, this hitch is matchless.

The toy haulers are usually bigger in size – and if your hitch does not effectively distribute the weight on the rear, and the front of the trailer, you will face severe issues with stability, and control. But if you buy this hitch, you won’t have to be worried as it is specialized for weight distribution and makes things very smooth for you.

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It is super versatile, which indicates that you’ll be able to tow not only the toy hauler, but all the other types of trailers that you own, or you aim to tow in the future. So, this hitch is more suitable for professionals who tow more often than not and tow different trailers in different situations.

According to my testing, and experience, this hitch will offer a very smooth ride even if you are driving on the bumpy road with a towed toy hauler. Thanks to the effective weight distribution. However, I don’t recommend you to drive fast on bumpy roads because it causes issues for your vehicle. One thing that I love about this hitch is that it allows easy height adjustment.

It offers a rise of 7 inches and a drop of 3 inches which is ideal. You won’t face an issue of height adjustment when towing the toy hauler with this hitch. With the proper rise and drop, you will be able to match the height of the trailer to the height of the receiver, and get easy installation, and use.


  •  Lightweight and easy to install
  • Excellent height adjustment
  • Strong build quality, and reliable


  • Price is the only drawback as this hitch is super expensive

Honest Verdict

If the budget is not your concern, and you’re looking for a premium hitch, I definitely recommend you buy this hitch as it offers high-end features and ideal performance. However, if you have tight money, I would not buy it and put an unnecessary burden on your pocket

5- CURT 17501 TruTrack 4P Weight Distribution Hitch

CURT 17501 TruTrack 4P Weight Distribution Hitch

If you have ever driven while towing a heavy-duty trailer, you would know how hard it is to handle the lateral movement of the trailer. But this CURT hitch makes life easier by reducing or eliminating the lateral movement.

This hitch comes with a spring & cam system that resists lateral movement and ensures that you get perfect stability. The distribution of weight across the trailer is even which further enhances the stability and control. It also comes with the trailer ball, so you won’t have to spend extra money to buy that separately.

It comes with excellent build quality which ensures that these hits will be with you for years to come. Although this hitch comes with rustproofing, I still recommend you apply grease or any other lubricant regularly month after month.

Not to forget that this hitch also comes with a lifetime warranty which gives peace of mind. If your hitch gets any issue while using, you can send it back to the manufacturer and get your hitch repaired. You won’t have to spend additional bucks for repairs.

It is super versatile, and you won’t have to worry about towing different trailers. Keep in mind that you will not always tow toy haulers, but you might have to tow other trailers that are different from toy haulers. So this hitch will be compatible with all sorts of trailers that you aim to tow in the future.


  • User-friendly due to ease of installation
  • lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • ideal weight distribution and sway control
  • Weight capacity is also suitable and you will be able to toy hauler easily


  • Prices are on the higher side as this hitch is from the premium category

Honest Verdict

Well, this hitch is suitable due to the many that it offers. However, if you have a tight budget, then it would not be a good idea for you to purchase it. However, its better performance and features are worth the price.


As I said earlier, I have done complete research before writing this article. My aim was to discuss the weight distribution hitches for toy haulers in every possible aspect to ensure that you get complete information from different angles so that the decision-making process gets easier. I hope that this guide will be useful for you. I’m singing off! See you with another guide.

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