Top 5 Best Hitch for Toyota Sienna in 2024

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Toyota is one of the most famous brands and its mid-size minivan, Sienna is an excellent option for family traveling. It’s seven-seater and offers comfortable traveling. But the good thing is that this van allows you to do mild towing and carry extra stuff when you are going out camping.

But to tow with the Sienna, you’ll need a hitch, but the question is which one? If you are at this webpage, more probably, you are probably in search of the best hitch for Toyota Tacoma. Am I right?

In this guide, I will take you to the depth, and give you some top options of ball hitches available in the market. We have done complete market research and talked to some experienced pros, and going to share all our experiences with you guys. Sit tight!

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Reviews and Recommendations of Best Hitch for Toyota Sienna

I know it’s super hard to do research, especially for something that you are not really familiar with. But as a content creator, research has become part, and parcel of my life, and again, I have done it for you. In this guide, you will get some top hitch that you will be able to use with the Toyota Sienna minivan.

Shoot out to some hidden gems who helped me in collecting information, and testing some products to ensure that I provide you with first-hand experience about the ball hitches. Let’s not talk more, and dive direct into the hitches that you can consider.

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Draw-Tite 76112 Class 3 Trailer Hitch,

If you are looking for the average hitch that could save you some bucks, then this DNA MOTORING hitch is going to be a suitable fit for you. Look, I personally don’t like this because of the fact that it does not offer ideal performance. But it is available at a very low price which makes me choose this for you.

I know, that not all of us have the same financial freedom to spend on the hitches. Let’s go into the ins and outs of this hitch. First of all, it is very easy to install. You won’t have to do any sort of drilling or modifications. Just buy, and install it on your Toyota Sienna. That’s it. No need to ask for the help of a professional.

It is decently durable. The reason is that it is made with carbon steel which is optimally strong, and makes this hitch durable. No matter if you use them harshly, or carelessly, this hitch will stay with you for years to come. It comes with a towing capacity of 350 pounds which is a real drawback.

Yes, I acknowledge that the Toyota Sienna is not a dedicated towing vehicle, but still, you will tow some bikes, or small cargo. So, you will obviously need better towing capacity from the hitch. The towing capacity of just 350 pounds is something that I don’t like. If you are considering the compatibility, don’t worry as this hitch is universal, and will easily be compatible with your vehicle.

The official company says that this hitch comes with a powder-coated finish which protects the hitch from corrosion, and rust. However, according to my experience, this powder coat is not very efficient. If you leave the unchecked, it will get rust, and corrosion which will obviously decrease the lifespan of the hitch.


  • Installation is very easy
  • Decently durable and strong
  • Suitable for small towing
  • Universal, and no compatibility issue


  • Very low towing capacity
  • It will get rust over the time

Honest Verdict

Well, I don’t recommend you buy this hitch unless you have a very tight budget. It comes with low towing capacity which makes it useless if you tow slightly heavier bikes, or any other cargo with your Toyota Sienna minivan. 

2- CURT 13105 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

CURT 13105 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

I myself have used this hitch with my vehicle, and I had no issue at all. One of my colleagues at my workplace has a Toyota Sienna, and he uses this hitch whenever he goes out of the city with family to spend vacations. I asked him if he had any issues using this hitch. He was very happy with the performance of this hitch.

One thing that I love about this hitch is that it is rust-proof. It consists of a special coating which makes it show good resistance against rust and corrosion. If you are living in a place where moisture is common, then I highly recommend this hitch for your  Toyota Sienna.  You should ask: what makes this hitch a good rust-proof? 

Look, it consists of a dual-coat finish which not only makes this hitch show resistance against rust but also against UV rays which can have a bad impact on the durability of your hitch. It has excellent towing capacity, and you will be able to tow a mid-sized trailer with your Toyota Sienna by using this hitch.

Keep in mind that the protection against UR rays is a very helpful feature that ensures that this hitch will be with you for years to come. Plus, they also have safety chain loops which further ensure your safety and make it the best hitch to be used with the Toyota Sienna.

The installation process is very easy and smooth. I still remember when I bought this hitch, I had no issue installing it with my vehicle. You won’t need the assistance of any professional mechanic. The weight is also on the lower side which ensures that carrying it while installing won’t be an issue at all.

This hitch is compatible with different receiver sizes such as 1-1/4-inch, 2-inch, and 2-1/2-inch. So, there won’t be any issue of compatibility. You can use it easily with the Toyota Sienna. All these features and usability make it the suitable option for that person who has a mid-range budget as this hitch is not very expensive.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Compatible with different receivers
  • Excellent rust, and UV ray protection
  • Excellent towing capacity, and capable of towing mid-sized trailers


  • A weight distribution capacity of 5,000 lbs. might not be sufficient for larger, weight-distributed trailers.

Honest Verdict

If you have a tight budget, then this hitch can be a very good option for you because of the fact that it has all the features that you need when towing with the Sienna minivan. Surely a value-to-money product!

3- CURT 14055 Class 4 Trailer Hitch

CURT 14055 Class 4 Trailer Hitch for toyota sienna

As you know I’m no stranger to the world of towing. I’ve towed everything from boats to trailers and even the occasional stubborn lawnmower. So, when I came across this CURT hitch, my curiosity was piqued. The reason is that it offers excellent towing capacity. You might say: what to do with higher towing capacity when I will only tow smaller loads in a Toyota Sienna

Yes, you are right, but are you sure that you will always tow smaller bikes that have lower weight? Won’t you ever tow a mid-range trailer with your Toyota Sienna? What if you feel the need to tow a smaller camper? Would you buy a separate, high-capacity hitch again? This is why I am recommending that you pay one time, and get high high-capacity hatch that offers value.

Let’s talk about versatility. This hitch is universal and will fit easily on your vehicle’s rear end. With its standard 2-inch by 2-inch hitch receiver, it’s like an open invitation for all your towing accessories to join the party. Ball mount? Check. Tow hook? Check. Heavy-duty towing accessories? This hitch got you covered.

This hitch also comes with safety chain loops which allow you to use the safety chains and enhance the overall security in case the hitch fails. It gives a kind of peace of mind and ensures that the brand cares about your safety.

The CURT hitch boasts a rust-resistant liquid A-coat and a durable black powder coat finish. It’s like they built it to battle the elements! Rain, snow, sleet, or that relentless summer sun, this hitch laughs it off and stays looking sharp. You won’t have to be worried even if you drive your Toyota Sienna in the heavy rain. It will remain in good shape.

It’s designed to custom-fit specific vehicle models, so it practically installs itself (well, not really, but you get the idea). You don’t need to be a pro: just follow the instructions in the user manual, and you will get things done quite easily. 

if you’re looking for a trailer hitch that screams “America” in every sense – strength, versatility, and durability – then this best hitch for the Toyota Sienna is going to fulfill your needs. I do use it whenever I tow a smaller camper with my vehicle and never have any issues at all.


  • Excellent towing capabilities
  • Custom-fit  and easy-to-install
  • Strong, and durable.
  • Decent rust proofing 
  • Available at affordable pricing


  • As said earlier, I have used this hitch and tested it rigorously. But I found no issue at all.

Honest Verdict

I love this CURT hitch as it fulfills all my needs and expectations. It’s high towing capacity is something that I actually love. You won’t face any issues at all if you use it with a Toyota Sienna and tow mid-range trailers.

4- Draw-Tite 75237 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

Draw-Tite 75237 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

The Draw-Tite is a well-known, and famous brand, and has been producing hitch for years. In my previous guides, I have already reviewed its hitches, as they are worth the investment. Let’s talk about this class 3 hitch which is a suitable option to be used with the Toyota Sienna. Let’s start reviewing this hitch, and know why I consider it suitable for your needs.

First of all, the hitch itself is tough as nails. It’s built to handle some serious weight. No matter if you are going to buy this for towing trailers, or bikes, it’s got your back. That’s peace of mind right there. You won’t have to be worried about the durability while driving your Toyota Sienna. It is capable of bearing the weight of 4500 lbs which makes it a suitable option for mid-range towing.

Whenever I go into the market to buy the hitch, the first thing that I count on while shortlisting the hitch is weather resistance. As you know the weather can be a real pain. But this hitch has got a special coating that keeps it looking good and rust-free, even when Mother Nature is in a bad mood. So, it’s not just strong; it’s good-looking too.

Don’t worry about its compatibility with different models of Toyota Sienna. You can use it with almost every model from coming from 2004 to 2023 and won’t find any installation issues. 

If you’re into biking, camping, or just need extra room for your family’s gear, this hitch is going to save you.  You can attach a bike rack at the back, freeing up space inside your van for everyone and everything. This feature makes this hitch stand out. Obviously, when you go out, you won’t like your family members to be squeezed together because of the extra pace that your bike is occupying

There is no doubt that hitch will make your Toyota Sienna very useful, and practical in many ways. Keep in mind that it offers excellent towing capacity which will allow you to haul mid-range trailers, and boats quite easily. Just like the previous hitch, it is also easy to install – and requires no additional drilling or holding. 


  • Very versatile
  • Affordable 
  • Strong, and durable
  • Excellent towing capacity


  • This hitch can slightly reduce your minivan’s (Toyota Sienna) ground clearance.

Honest Verdict

I love this hitch because of the fact that offers excellent versatility and is very robust. If you want to tow some extra loads with your Toyota Sienna, this hitch could be a perfect fit for you. A green signal from me!

5- Draw-Tite 76112 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

Draw-Tite 76112 Class 3 Trailer Hitch,

This is the second product from the Draw-Tite brand but is slightly different from the one that I reviewed earlier. However, both are excellent options that you can use with your Toyota Sienna van and you won’t get any issues. Let’s talk about those points that make it different from the previous Draw-Tite 75237 hitch.

First of all, it is very lightweight, which ensures that you will be able to install it quite easily. Although the previous product was also easy to install – but was not very lightweight. If you are a weak person and don’t like a heavier hitch, then this Draw-Tite 76112 can be a suitable option for you.

It comes with the safety chains loop which is wider and more easy to use. You won’t find it hard to install the safety chain for added security. The previous product also had the safety chain loops, but they were smaller and less wide, and installing the safety chain could be an issue with the previously reviewed Draw-Tite hitch.

Not to forget that this hitch is very durable and strong – and also comes with lifetime rust protection. Let me explain, lifetime rust protection is a bit more exaggeration. If you don’t take care of the hitch, it will show some wear and tear. Overall, it offers optimal value for money, and I consider it a suitable option for the Toyota Sienna.


  • Wider safety chain loops
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight, and easy to use
  • Rust protection, and decent build quality


  • Almost all the Draw-Tite hitches affect the ground clearance of the Toyota Sienna, and this hitch is no exception

Honest Verdict

Both the Draw-Tite hitches are suitable options that I have reviewed in this guide. But the wider safety chain loops make this hitch more suitable as you will be install the safety chains quite easily. Thanks to wider loops.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hitch for Sienna

As you know we are now active on Quora, and answer the questions of people who are newbies, and confused about the hitches. If you have not followed us there, consider following by searching Hitch Whiz. 

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To write this guide, I did ask people on Quora to ask their questions about the best hitches that are suitable for Sienna, and other things that confuse them. So, we have got few questions that I am going to answer in the section below.

‍What is the Toyota Sienna?

Toyota is a famous brand, which has been working for decades. Sienna is a minivan seven-seater car that is used by families for traveling. The good thing about this minivan is that it allows the driver to tow some small goods, and stuff which makes this vehicle very useful, and famous. It offers you a spacious interior and allows you to go on any trip with your family happily.

What size hitch does the Toyota Sienna have?

The most used size for a hitch receiver on a Sienna is 2 inches by 2 inches (approximately 50 mm by 50 mm). I highly recommend you read the user manual before making a decision.

How Much Can a Toyota Sienna Tow?

Well, generally speaking, you can tow up to 3,500 lbs of load with the help of a Toyota Sienna. However, you should also keep in mind that the towing capabilities of any vehicle depend on many other factors such as model, vehicle conditions, the hitch capacity, and the engine of the vehicle. 

Toyota Sienna comes in different variants and offers different engine sizes. So, generally, you will be able to tow anything between 3000 to 3500 lbs comfortably. If you have a very old model of Sienna, then I highly recommend you tow smaller weights to avoid any towing failure.

Can I put a hitch on a Toyota Sienna?

Yes, of course, you can put a hitch on a Toyota Sienna, and tow the mid-sized trailer quite comfortably. However, make sure to choose the hitch that has weight capacity, so that it comfortably handles the weight of the trailer that you tow with your vehicle.

What Does a Towing Hitch for a Sienna Cost?

I would say, it depends! It really depends on many things, especially the hitch type. If you are choosing the hitch from the budget category and compromising some features, then usually it would cost less than 200 dollar which is affordable to almost every Toyota Sienna owner.

On the flip side, if you are a person who is more conscious about safety, performance, and durability. Then you would consider buying the best-performing hitch for Siena which could cost you anything between 300 to 500 dollars.

Will I have to Remove Equipment to Install a Hitch?

Again, I would say that it depends! It depends on the hitch type that you use with your vehicle. Different hitches have different ways of installation. Some hitches, like the Draw-Tite don’t necessitate bumper cover removal. However, certain hitches do require taking off components like the rear fascia or exhaust system.


So, this is the end of this guide, as I have explained everything in detail. I have decided that before writing each article, I will ask your question on Quora about that specific topic, and then answer those questions in my article to ensure that you get maximum value, and benefits. So, make sure that you follow us on Quora and Pinterest. I am signing off!

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